Differences Between a Full Mouth Restoration and a Smile Makeover

Countless reasons can make you insecure about your smile, from small chips to yellowish shades. However, if your dental problems are damaging more than your confidence, it might be time for a full mouth restoration in Winter Park, FL. Learn what makes reconstructions and makeovers different and how restoring your mouth will get you to enjoy daily activities once more.

man happy after Full Mouth Restoration procedure

Are a Full Mouth Restoration and a Smile Makeover the Same Thing?

While both procedures will enhance your smile, restorations aim to improve your oral health and function. Your dentist will recommend undergoing a full mouth restoration if you're having trouble swallowing and talking or are more prone to dental problems like gum disease. Even though your smile will look as stunning as ever once the surgery is over, this is only the aftermath of the restorative procedure.

On the other hand, makeovers are for healthy smiles that need a cosmetic touch-up, be it a whitening or a change of tooth shape. No medical reasons are involved, just your desire to make your teeth more compliment-worthy.

What Can a Full Mouth Restoration Fix?

Missing Teeth

If your smile has several empty spaces, your dentist will have a reason to recommend a full mouth restoration. Trauma, dental issues, or improper oral care can strike a mortal blow to one or more of your teeth, causing them to loosen or fall out.

Luckily, your dentist has several restorative procedures in store to fill the gaps, such as dental implants or dentures. Not only will these tooth replacements improve your smile's looks, but they'll also cover the pockets where bacteria sticks around and damages oral tissue.

Severe Damage

When your teeth are on the brink of permanent damage but aren't missing yet, your dentist might suggest a full mouth restoration to save the day. Sometimes tooth decay doesn't appear on your teeth' surface, but it infects the deeper tooth layers instead.

These infections, known as tooth abscesses, produce insufferable pain and can leave you without some of your pearly whites. When dentists perform root canal therapy, they nip the infection in the bud, saving your natural teeth and mouth tissue.

You can also prevent severe damage by adopting practices like:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Avoiding too much sugar
  • Flossing
  • Visiting your dentist
  • Chips or Breaks

A full mouth restoration can be a helpful solution for chips or breaks in the surface of your teeth. Hard foods, teeth grinding, or unfortunate accidents can crack your tooth enamel, leaving you with ill-shaped teeth. Unfortunately, a misshapen smile is more than a cosmetic issue, as fractures beyond your gums are the perfect breeding ground for infection and decay. Dentists use crowns or veneers to cover your teeth, shielding them against bacteria and giving them a more polished finish.

Worn-Out Teeth

Finally, a full mouth restoration might be fitting if your tooth layers are worn-out. When you're too harsh while brushing your teeth or suffer from bruxism, your tooth enamel slowly erodes. As a result, your smile becomes yellowish and is more exposed to harmful substances and infections. A dentist can stop this problem with restorative procedures, keeping oral tissue safe.

smiling patient after a Full Mouth Restoration

Do You Need a Full Mouth Restoration in Winter Park, FL?

If missing, chipped, worn-out, or damaged teeth jeopardize your oral health, it's high time for a full mouth restoration. Our team is ready to give you a healthy smile, so contact us today!

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