Frequently Asked Questions About All-On-Four®

Dental implants or bridges usually come to mind when you think of alternatives to replace missing teeth. However, these convenient options might end up being too costly or difficult to maintain for patients who don’t have most members of their smile. Modern dentistry has brought about All-On-Four® dental implants in Winter Park, FL, which can permanently restore your smile by filling out all the gaps in your mouth. Get the answers to the most popular questions about this innovative product to see if they could enhance your health and lifestyle.
x-ray of teeth with dental implants

Clear Your Doubts About All-On-Four®

How Do All-On-Four® Implants Work?

All-On-Four® gets its characteristic name as it gives you a complete set of permanent teeth using just four dental implants. Your dentist custom-makes your new smile to fit perfectly inside your mouth, and these teeth are usually bridges or full dentures. On the day of the surgery, the dental professional will fix the replacement by placing two dental implants at the back of your jaw and the remaining ones in the front. Thanks to the four dental implants supporting your fixed dentures, your artificial teeth won’t fall, loosen, or get infected. 

Is All-On-Four® Different from Traditional Implants?

Traditional implants are single-tooth replacements that tend to be more fit for patients who don’t lack as many teeth. On the other hand, All-On-Four® can replace many teeth at once, fixing oral issues and restoring your chewing of those with an almost non-existent smile.
Another significant difference between both alternatives is that traditional implants require your jaw to have a certain bone density to remain stable; otherwise, the replacements get loose, and the procedure fails. You don’t need as much jawbone mass to get your All-On-Four®, making them a suitable solution for more patients.
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Is the Procedure Painful?

The good news about All-On-Four® is that you can get them in less than four hours when you don’t experience any surgery complications. Aside from making the procedure quick and simple, qualified dentists also get rid of the pain and minimize the discomfort with local anesthesia or, in severe cases of dental anxiety, using IV sedation.
Yet, if you feel nervous or uncomfortable during the procedure, don’t hesitate to tell your dentist. Sensitive gums, dental pain, and other conditions could signal an oral issue that flew under the radar, and a professional should treat it before going forth with your All-On-Four® surgery.
Once the procedure is over, make sure to follow these tips for a fast recovery:
Eat soft foods
Drink plenty of water
Take over-the-counter medication to handle the pain
Don’t exercise
Don’t smoke
All-On-Four and dental implants

Do All-On-Four® Dental Implants in Winter Park, FL, Look Natural?

Many patients are terrified that others will be able to tell their smile isn’t real, but with All-On-Four®, you will never have this problem. For one, your dentist carefully matches each of your new teeth to look like your former natural ones, mimicking their color, shape, and size.
Since they’re also a complete set of teeth, all parts of your All-On-Four® dental implants will look the same, saving you mismatching troubles between artificial and natural teeth that occur with other replacements. Finally, All-On-Four® is made of resin and porcelain, materials that look exactly like tooth enamel and will deceive even the brightest of minds.
Do You Need All-On-Four® Dental Implants? Winter Park Dental Can Help!
All-On-Four® uses innovative technology to give you back your teeth and let you smile freely. If, after reading these answers, you would like to give this tooth replacement a chance, we can help you decide if they’re a good fit for you. Contact us today!

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