Tips to Keep Your Dental Implants as Good as New

Dental implants in Winter Park, FL, can become porcelain and titanium allies to battle tooth loss and dental problems. Even when they are durable enough to be a part of your life for a very long time, they can become a fleeting solution if you don't take proper care of them. Dentists state tobacco, certain meals, incorrect oral practices, and unscheduled dentist visits can considerably shorten your dental implants' lifespan, costing you money and time.

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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Once a dental professional fixes implants in place via surgery, they are bound to stay in your mouth for over a decade. The titanium root of your implant fuses with your jawbone and surrounding gumline tissue, so it will likely not suffer any damage over time. On the other hand, the porcelain or ceramic crown of your prosthesis is constantly exposed to the substances you put in your mouth, causing staining and changes in shape as years go by and requiring touch-ups or replacements.

Even if dental implants are bound to last up to 20 years, the time they stay around shortens if you don't adopt healthy habits after getting them.

How Do I Make My Dental Implants Last Longer?

Keep Tobacco Consumption to a Minimum

If you were strong enough to refrain from smoking immediately after your dental implant surgery, try to keep it up for as long as possible. Dental implants might be covered in a protective glaze to prevent staining, but this material is still vulnerable to wear and tear. Cigarettes contain tobacco and tar, which stick to your implants and turn them opaque over time.

Quitting or smoking as little as you can are great ways to make your dental implants last longer.

Stay Away from Certain Foods

Like cigarettes and tobacco, some foods are not ideal for dental implants. Your new artificial teeth can handle many different dishes, and their porcelain crown is also cavity-resistant. However, hard foods, like candy or ice, force your implants to exert more force to chew, potentially causing your prosthesis to crack or break.

For longer-lasting dental implants, try chopping hard foods into smaller pieces before eating them, and avoid chewing on other objects, such as nails or pencils.

Follow a Proper Oral Care Routine

Aside from being careful with what you eat, you should adopt healthy oral practices after you wake up and before you go to bed for lifelong dental implants. Since implants act like natural teeth, food can get stuck between them, which might cause neighboring teeth to get gum disease and tooth decay. Acidic and staining substances can also attach to your implants, changing their appearance and affecting their lifespan. 

To prevent wear and tear and dental problems, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss afterward. Avoid hard-bristle toothbrushes and abrasive toothpaste, as they can scratch your implants and damage the enamel in your teeth. Scheduling dentist visits once every six months to check the state of your implants is also crucial to keep them in tip-top shape.

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Dental Implants in Winter Park, FL, May Be the Solution You've Been Looking For 

Dental implants can be a part of your smile forever with proper everyday habits and oral practices. Our team at Winter Park Dental is ready to provide durable, high-quality dental implants that can enhance your health and appearance. Call us today to book an appointment and learn what more we ca do for you. 

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